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On-going Support
& Education
CBK Facilitator Certificates are provided upon successful completion of the trainings.
CBK Coaching Facilitator Certificate
Our LIVE, interactive training provides what you need to effectively facilitate the use of DISC/Motivators/EQ Assessments for your business. 
Interactive Training
at Our Location or Yours
Comprehensive CBK Facilitator Training Program Includes:
Our 2-day, interactive training provides the education and skills you need to facilitate
DISC, Motivators/12 Driving Forces,
Emotional Intelligence assessments.
Could DISC/Driving Forces Training Help Your Teams?
Becoming trained in DISC and Driving Forces/Motivators gives your team the knowledge and skills to use these scientific assessment for improved hiring, team productivity,
employee development, communication, and more.
Additionally, once you have completed the training, you will have access to purchase assessments and training materials, as well as free downloads, marketing resources, and access to on-going support and tips!
  • Driving Forces History
  • In-depth review of each Motivator style
  • Mid-Training Review
  • Understanding the Assessment
  • Review Driving Forces Clusters
  • Debriefing the Assessment
  • Pre-Certification Review
  • Driving Forces Debriefing Guide
Detailed Driving Forces/Motivation Education 
Are there people on your leadership team who would benefit from learning how to more effectively interact with different employees, customers, and stakeholders?
Answer These...
Would your employees benefit from better understanding themselves and WHY they do what they do?
Could knowing more about job candidates' behaviors and how they react to different situations help your hiring process?
Becoming trained in DISC will give allow your HR Team, Managers and Leaders to utilize DISC and Driving Forces Assessments to increase communication, congeniality, hiring practices, and productivity throughout your organization. 
Would closing more sales help your business?
Do you have issues with communication in your office and/or with your team?
What's Covered...
Comprehensive DISC Education 
  • DISC History
  • Reporting
  • Graph Reading
  • Success Wheel 
  • Debriefing
  • Understanding Each Behavioral Style
  • Mid-term Review
  • Pre-Certification Review
  • DISC Reference Manual Download
Get a general overview of DISC and why it's the "Universal Language of Observable Behavior."
Salespeople who understand the basics of DISC behavioral styles can better connect with customers and close more sales.
Learn The Benefits Of DISC & Driving Forces
Click on the links below
to learn more
When you know what motivates you or your team, you can better match intrinsic motivators with personal & professional responsibilities.
Listen in as Executive Coach, Karen Nutter, shares the benefits of understanding your motivators and how assessments can put you on the right path.
How DISC can help your business succeed, and positively impact you personally!
Scientific evidence suggests having an engaged workforce is one of the most critical components of corporate success.
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) is credited as being the #1 predictor of success, 
and the most important set of qualities of an authentic leader.
  • EQ Overview & History
  • The Dimensions of EQ
  • The EQ Assessment
  • EQ Report
  • Reading the EQ Wheel
  • Idioms of EQ
  • Debriefing EQ Assessments
  • EQ and Self
  • EQ and Others
  • Mid and Final Review
Comprehensive DISC Education 
What's Covered...
5 Dimensions of EQ/EI
The ability to recognize and understand your emotions.
How you control and manage yourself, your emotions, and your behaviors.
Your inner drive and commitment to goals, and desire to pursue opportunities.
The ability to put yourself in another person's shoes in a meaningful way. 
Social Awareness:
The ability to understand and respond to the needs of others.
  • EQ/EI Workbook
  • Free Download: The Power of EQ: Stronger Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
  • Weekly EQ Tips
  • EQ Downloads/handouts
  • Access to purchase EQ
    Assessments to use in
    your business
In Addition, we provide:
FREE Assessment
CBK Coaching Partners
can receive one free
DISC, Driving Forces/Motivators,
EQ Assessment.

The online assessment and report will provide you with a personal understanding of yourself, while allowing you to experience first-hand the quality and depth of our assessments. 
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Next Training: February 13-14th, 2020
Time: 8:30am - 4:30 pm
Location: UNF

Register for ALL THREE programs, or just the ones you need!
Become a CBK Certified Facilitator in these three scientific assessments and advance your career and your business!

 3-in-1 Registration: $1,695/pp 


Following completion of live training, you will have one year of free access to online video modules to refresh and reinforce
your understanding of DISC, Driving Forces/Motivators, and/or Emotional Intelligence.
EQ Facilitator Training: $695
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DISC and Motivators Facilitator
Training (no EQ):  $1,295/pp
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3-in-1 DISC/Motivators/EQ
Facilitator Training. $1695/pp
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Do you have a group of 10 or more who want to become DISC, Driving Forces/Motivators, and/or EQ Facilitators? Contact us to learn about the benefits of being part of the CBK Partners Network, and help your members advance their skills.

This training is valid for 12 PDCs for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®!
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